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Why Investorexx?



Introductions to investors are more efficient than randomly searching for investors



No information about investors is disclosed on the platform



Each investor is identified by an identity number



Fund managers pay only for the membership. No fees paid to intermediaries

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Should I disclose the name of my investors?

No information about investors is disclosed on the platform. Each investor is identified by an identity number.

How can I include my contacts or my investors on the platform?

Simply ask them if they would like to be put in touch with potentially interesting investment managers. Then fill-up non confidential information about their asset size and preferences.

What happens once an introduction has been made?

It is always difficult to predict the willingness of an investor to invest in a new fund. At Investorexx, we believe that relationship building is central to raise more capital. Investorexx is a platform that will increase your network of potential investors. Investors may not invest today, but you will have a chance to develop the relationship over time.

May I add personal contacts that have not invested yet?

Sure. Even if an investor didn't invest with your fund, it doesn't mean it is not a fit for some other managers. However, you should only include investors that are willing to accept a meeting.

What makes you different from other platforms? 

Investorexx is an investment manager only platform. Investorexx is the first platform that helps investment managers introduce each other’s investors. We believe that a warm introduction from a fund manager with whom an investor has already invested his funds, as higher chances to get prospective investors listen to you.  Other platforms usually give you access to a list of prospective investors with without any warm introduction. 

Could you give me an example of how it works?

Let’s that that your have 4 investors : 2 actual investors and 2 contacts (that haven’t invested in your fund but with whom you have a warm relationship).  Add basic information about them (country of residence, assets of preference, average investment size, no confidential information is shared)  Then browse the global base of all investors on the platform. If you see one investor that fits your needs, just ask to the fund manager B for an introduction. The fund manager B will be notify and ask to look at your list of investors (he will see your 4 investors). If he sees among them one prospective investor that fits his needs, then you have a match.  Then you both receive each other’s email. You are ready to make the introduction to your respective investor outside of the platform. After the introduction is made, you both evaluate the quality of the introduction.

How can I start? 

Just start with our freemium version. You have access to one free successful introduction.

What kind of results should I expect? 

The more you will use the platform, that is, add your contacts and ask for introductions, the bigger will be your network of prospective investors.